Nathalie Dekker

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Nathalie Dekker is an illustrative photographer based in the Netherlands. She has a fascination for translating words into images, in the purest simplest way. She jot down words that fascinate her. The words themselves trigger her imagination and she knows how to capture their essence in a contemporary way. The unique way she looks at them is both unexpected and accessible. Just with a little bit of difference and playfulness, she knows how to amaze you with her work.

‘Wallflower’ is an example. It has huge appeal to me and my imagination runs with it. The wallflower is known for being shy, quiet, reserved, pure and vulnerable, yet simultaneously strong and sparkling. In this project I look for more words that create wallflower and shows that in silence there is still something to say.”

As a young girl she loves photography. To pursue her dreams she enrolled as a student at the Photo Academy Amsterdam in 2013, from which she graduated with honours with her Wallflower project in 2018. Since then she has several publications and exhibitions. After her graduation she was selected as New Dutch Photography Talent 2019 by GUP and one of the 100 New European Photography Talent, Fresh Eyes 2019 by GUP. The series Wallflower has been selected by Editors’ pick of the open call of 2018 by Life Framer and she won 2nd place (Silver Star Award) ND Awards. Her work for Amnesty International and her work ‘Smaak’ have been awarded an Honorable Mention by Prix de la Photographie de Paris in 2020 (PX3) and published in the book PX3.

Nathalie was selected by Chantal Janzen and Roger Neve as one of the photography &C Talents of 2020 – 2021, &C Talent Academy.

In 2022 her work is published by Lens Magazine and Vogue Italia.

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